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Cardinal Health Canada

Cardinal Health Canada is the leading and only national full service and value-added distributor of medical and surgical products.

As the leading solution provider for Canadian healthcare, we focus on patient care while enhancing efficiency and improving the quality of healthcare for Canadians. Cardinal Health Canada is the vital link in the Canadian healthcare supply chain, providing over 80,000 products from over 600 suppliers to medical professionals and healthcare facilities across the nation.

With eight regional distribution centres, we are a leader in sales, marketing, supply chain management and distribution innovation.


There is currently an unauthorized individual or group sending fraudulent letters and cheques in the name of Cardinal Health Canada. Please be advised that this activity is not initiated or sponsored by Cardinal Health Canada. If you should receive a letter offering employment as a Customer Service Evaluator and inviting you to cash a cheque for a significant sum of money, please disregard these documents and advise your local police department. The police already are aware of this illegal scheme. For further information, you may also ask to speak with the Director of Credit at Cardinal Health Canada: 905.417.2900.

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